Stone Mountain GA Remodeling Contractor

Stone Mountain Remodeling Contractor

Stone Mountain Contractor completes bathroom remodeling

Pine Hill Remodeling is based in Decatur and services the local Stone Mountain Community. The particular job shown to the right was from a referral through a very active local area’s mothers’ group on Facebook. A previous customer had posted a nice review of our company which led us to this Stone Mountain customer.


Pine Hill Remodeling is here to help you with Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, and outdoor living such as Decks, Patios and Porch Renovations.

The top picture shows a shower with all marble, an angled door to avoid having a corner that jutted out into the room, and we set two soap niches into the spaces between existing studs. We also set the shower valve on the left wall to be reachable from the door without stepping into the shower.

In the following picture is a pure white carerra marble top. While marble is somewhat expensive, it can be affordable in a bathroom where the square footage is fairly small. We installed flush-mount medicine cabinets to avoid needing to reframe the wall behind them as would be necessary for inset medicine cabinets. Also, the floor was done in porcelain. It has 12×24 tile to minimize grout lines and make the area appear larger. The porcelain is not only cheaper than marble, but more resistant to scratching or cracking on a floor.

Stone Mountain Remodeling Contractor for new bathroom

Stone Mountain Contractor completes bathroom remodeling

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